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Gursha Dubai : Serving Gourmet Ethiopian Food With A Cultural Twist

Enjoy a truly cultural experience in one of Dubai’s most progressive neighborhoods at Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant

Ethiopian cuisine has been gaining a whole new level of popularity globally off late and this is with good reason. The usage of highly nutritious native vegetables, spices and meat make Ethiopian cuisine one of the most unique and delicious cuisines in the world.  What's more, the Ethiopian national staple food - the Injera, is made of highly nutritious and gluten-free teff grain. This grain indigenous to the Ethiopian region, is known to contain a very high proportion of fiber — more than any other grain on Earth. It is also a complete source of protein, iron and calcium. These healthy properties coupled with the variety in culinary choices make Ethiopian food one of world's more favored food choices.

Sadly, if there’s one cuisine in Dubai that most people haven’t tried, it’s probably Ethiopian. With only a handful restaurants serving traditional Ethiopian food, the…

Punjabi By Nature, Punjabilicious by Taste!

The Background
Punjabi cuisine is known to be one of India’s most distinct and popular type of cuisine offering quite a vast and interesting array of delectable and exotic dishes. The food is often cooked in a variety of culinary styles including the Tandoor style which involves using the Tandoor or oven.  Food cooked in this manner is known to be extremely delicious which makes gastronomists world over crave for Punjabi cuisine, taking this unique regional cuisine to all corners of the globe, including the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE has a sizable population of Punjabi's that there is even a Gurudwara in Dubai serving over 10,000 worshipers. According to Wikipedia there are over 50,000 Sikhs in the UAE   hailing from Punjab state in India.   So saying, when it comes to Punjabi culinary choices, there is no dearth of restaurants serving Punjabi food.  While how many of these Punjabi restaurants actually serve the 'authentic taste of Punjab' is really debatable.

We recentl…